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 Tarot pour Cédrika

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MessageSujet: Tarot pour Cédrika   Lun 9 Jan 2012 - 14:01

Bonjour,En naviguant sur le web concernant la disparition de Cédrika j'ai tombé par hasard sur le site Psychic Tarot Insights for missing children.Alors il y'avait un passage sur Cédrika mais malheureusement celui-ci est en Anglais et je ne me connais pas en Anglais alors j'aimerais bien si possible qu'une personne qui se connait en Anglais traduit le tout en francais pour les autres membres cela serait tres apprécié.

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Nombre de messages : 1278
Age : 43
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MessageSujet: Re: Tarot pour Cédrika   Lun 9 Jan 2012 - 14:07

Voici le texte complet
« Thread Started Today at 6:06 » 4 November 2010

I have been asked whether I have done a reading for this little girl. I have to say I have not come across this case before. There are so many missing children that I dont get to hear about all of them hence the reason why I have a request link for people to alert their case.

Here is a brief synopsis of Cedrika from the tarot. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate so please always consult a second opinion.

I asked what happened to Cedrika on 31 July 2007 when she went missing and I have been given the card above.

Yes, it does look a nasty card and I am sorry that this one was the first out, but what it tells us is that on that day Cedrikas life was completely and utterly transformed without any mercy. Therefore she would have had absolutely no choice in what happened to her that day as it would have been highly traumatic and unexpected.

This card really can be an 'elimination' of someone but it can also represent a swift and shocking change of life almost in the blink of an eye. The card previous to is is The hanged man which has a lot of spiritual elements on it is often linked to Neptune so there is water in this card and can suggest that this little girl came into contact with water and the card seems to suggest that this child accepts her destiny and the complete and sudden change that happened in her life. The following card is Temperence we also have land and water with that card also and again the watery element is present.

I note that Justice is leading up to these events and it seems to me that someone was 'righting a wrong' in respect to this girl. When we get a sudden change of life - someone can pluck us out of where we are and put us in a new life that is as good an explaination for the death card - it has that transformation process on it that we cannot argue with. Justice seems to me that someone is balancing some Karma here - though what right they have to do that I am not sure but they took it on themselves to balance Karma by the disappearance of this child.

I definately cannot promise at this stage of Tarot what the health is of this child now. At first glance it did,nt look wonderful but you never know.

The Death card also has water connected to it so we have three cards with that element in them. We also have some kind of transport or metal yard or some kind of area maybe like a quarry or unused ground/tip. This may not be a particular point but it does and can show with this card. We also have to bear in mind that 'new beginnings' can be here but only once the person had been through a state of trauma.

The location of this child is outside of a town or city. This is a very earthy card. I see her NORTH at the current time possibly North of her own city/town. Theres also possibility of a Cathedral in this card either actual or in place name. This card also has elemental directions suggesting 'JUPITER' in the South. So North and South may be directions rather than East or West?

I also seem to have 'working for the family' so that may not suggest she has died and the water elements might be the emotional elements that have occurred for her. Bear in mind that the Death card has scorpio on it so the mystery of this child could be full of emotional secrets. Scorpio is not a great planet and even as an insect they do hide away and will sting you quite quickly and that is how I see the disappearance of this girl.

In the Death card you can see a priest or a bishop - and next to the four of Pentacles you will see the next card is the five of pentacles which shows people who are 'locked out of the church' therefore they are wandering around with no where to go and seem cold hungry and injured. I dont know if there was religious problem or whether this girl found herself out on the streets or put in a situation where she was bedraggled it certainly shows a great deal of hardship. The card previous to four of pentacles shows two people and a child who are teaching her how to make money.

Pentacles are earth cards as well as finance cards and they are usually about PHYSICALITY - so I would chance to say its possible that the little girl is alive and 'working' with a couple of other people.

Bear in mind tarot is past present and future so it is not predicting what will happen here but the events are over the time pods I have given.

As the four of pentacles shows someone 'standing on the money' I can only feel that she is linked to a place there is finance or a name that sounds like that - I always think of the word BANK when I get this card. Earth and Bank go together too so one has to be very careful to understand that.

Generally FOURS in tarot are 'rest and peace' so this tarot is not overly optimistic but there is always hope in every case until a child is found.

I have asked when this girl will be found - and this card actually suggests that she will be 'returned'. She is the stolen Item that is being brought back and there seems to be an apology in this card? Thats very strange but thats what it gives.

7 months or under is on this card I never hang onto the timings of tarot as sometimes they are absolutely perfectly accurate and other times they are not. Therefore I cant promise anything here. The optimistic side to this card is that it would only make sense that she was alive if she was to be 'returned'??

It would also make sense that the person in the six of swords previously would be afraid they were in trouble maybe thats why she has never been found so far?

I hope she has,nt been returned already and nobody has said anything. My apologies for suggesting that but Im covering tarots information here and its all possible but the six of swords is danger in water or through water which we have already seen. Perhaps someone is not telling the truth that actually does know and is afraid to say what happened. Theres a little bit of cowardice on that card to suggest she was found - whatever condition she was in and its been kept quiet. I think this girl was in danger of drowning. The seven of swords talks about a plan that failed too - there might have been some gossip in this case that has been ignored .

Thats all I have for the current time but will have another look after some time has elapsed.



I have had another look at the case of Cedrika - and I will also probably draw further cards in a couple of weeks time. Meanwhile I have gone through all the cards again and try to pick out EVERYTHING I can that could possibly form parts of the issue. Some things will definately relate but not in the way I have interpreted it which is why I always say Tarot is not 100 per cent

Looking at those cards again the 'location' card that tarot gave to me was 4 of Pentacles - the Four is also the card of the Emperor in the major arcana. I will come to that. I looked at the next card for further clues and see that the 'significance' appears to be a Church or cathedral in the Picture with people outside it in the Snow. The man in the picture has a Bell around his neck. Usually it is considered this bell is some form of message. I did look at the Map of Trois Riveres and I do see that South is a road called Rue Bellefeuille. It might mean that a person comes from that area which would give creedence to the four of pentacles which tells us that the location is isolated from the town/place or houses from which Cedrika lives (this could be the case) or even that information can be found where there is the word BELL.

The death card shows a bishop and the five of pentacles shows a church, though it was not the five of pentacles that is picked it is next to the Four of Pentacles which shows us 'being outside of the town in isolation'. The Four of pentacles also can give an actual WALL or it can represent that isolation.

The four in pentacles is a number 4 and that could connect as a number on a map say road, house number, area number, place number possibly also connected to a man.

I always look at the Tarot journey before and after the card selected to give me a 'path' or a route to what may have occurred and what to look at.

If we take the PATH of the Pentacles, in the Beginning is the Ace, the Ace shows someone going out into the open to start something, the two of pentacles shows a bike or wheels which I now know this child was on a bike, the third card shows a building with two people and a child - they are putting up a notice on the door - I dont know if anyone put up notices for the lost dog which is why this girl went missing.

THEN we get to the four of pentacles which shows the isolation out of the town possibly connected to an 'emperor' - which is a male - we then graduate to the five of pentacles which again shows there is a building with stained glassed windows possibly church or cathedral with two people walking outside it in the snow in winter.

Then we have six of pentacles which is some form of charity being asked for and given - this might suggest reward money but not necessarily, whoever they are they are obviously in discomfort and could go inside a building but dont. Its perhaps the building that they SHOULD go in in order to get what they need. - the 7 shows people harvesting so they are looking then standing back to consider what they have reaped - that could be information that has been gathered together, the eight shows this girl outside the town once more.

The 9 shows a garden a house benefits a few secrets - security - the 10 then shows a family home whether its the biological family home I am not sure but its considered the ancestral home with a DOG - then we have the page of pentacles which is someone outside holding up their reward, then we have a knight of pentacles who is actually WALKING across the open land the queen of pentacles shows a warm and loving atmosphere with a mother figure and the king of pentacles shows a buisnessman or on the surface a seemingly very steady and reliable guy.

Now to me that is the entire route of this child.

Because the DOG has popped up here on the 10 of pentacles in a house it suggests that this dog must exist because children pat the dog before entering the house. So we have to leap from the 4 of pentacles that came out to the 10 of pentacles to trace the dog which must show her route because the two of pentacles which may represent her BIKE is BEFORE the 4 of pentacles and that was found without Cedrika anywhere in sight.

So this child is somewhere between the four of pentacles and the King of Pentacles on the question of WHERE her location is at the current time.

Three buildings stand out in the Journey. First we have the building just prior to her location of 4 Pentacles.

That card is the three of Pentacles.

Then we have the buildings in the background of the four of pentacles. So she has moved on from that first building.

Then we have another building mentioned again in the 10 of pentacles.

Everything from the 4 of pentacles FORWARD are things that have happened AFTER the disappearance whether its people involved in the search, reward money money being put up etc.

So we have to concentrate on the cards before.

The Ace is self explanatory. So we move on to the two of pentacles which may indicate a Bike. This Bike seems to have been on or near a path that is near the water or that there are 'storms brewing' when this bike appears as this information is all in the WHERE question. The Bike has been found. Then we look at the next card - this may show a building where a NOTICE has been put up - its a pentacles card so represents BUSINESSES. Then we get to the Four of Pentacles and that is this girls location.

Because it is a pentacles card it could actually represent a business that is outside of the town. It is 'isolated' it may have a wall near it or a wall may be of significance. It may even be a place where it is a business and there is another business place above that people are not aware of as the pentacles card shows that the person stands on money but they are not aware that there is money on their head. So it could be a place of business with a business on top I dont know if that means its not in operation or that it used to be a business.

I often think of a BANK for this kind of business or it could be ( SUN IN CAPRICORN - TRAVEL OR FAMILY - CAPRICORN WORK /BUSINESS ) Travel business or family business. Cedrika could be 'by, near, or under a building'.

The downside of a four of pentacles is a fear of 'opening up' or neglecting financial responsibilities - so as a place it might be somewhere that does,nt do that well financially?

I may have looked at this wrong, but it is the answer to where she is located today according to the tarot and from that I am hoping to break it down .

Here again is that Four for LOCATION.

If this girl was looking for a dog she may have 'found it' and been offered a reward for doing so but the person it leads back to is the KING OF PENTACLES.

There he is and you can see that he has been walking around in the open so I am linking him to Cedrika. He is a man of means and often an accountant/financial person or that is linked to him in some way or any of these professions could link.

Professions: Businessman Of Means, Merchant, Boss, Banker, Real Estate Agent, And Stockbroker and we know that these tie in with the information given on the tarot I have just explained. This man is described as someone who sits on a rooftop garden. That kind of suggests he might live up in an apartment or high type of building or above another building. However this card can represent a father type figure who does not like being away from his child. This man might just be CONNECTED to a business and does,nt seem to have enough money from his employment? or he engages in things that he is not being sincere about.

I do not know anything about the family or whether there is any relative or anyone linked that is 'outside of the family' but it could be someone who was put on the outside or 'sent to coventry' by the rest of the family because Temperance which appears near the Death card that we first received can show family differences.
He could just be someone who pretends to help and people dont see that he is responsible and that could be the family connection. I really am not able to get clear about this.

So I dont know if any of this helps. I also truly cannot guarantee it is 100 per cent accurate or whether I have misinterpreted events. What I will say is that this how it seems to me as I break down these cards or what might cast some light somehow in this situation.

The King of Pentacles does have a car and appears to have a field of flowers around him. Roses are in the Four of Pentacles card in one of the old descriptions. He may own a flower shop???? Here I could be very very wrong - but he is connected somehow to flowers.

Also this man is drawing up plans for a new business, new thoughts on how to make money or craft something. Perhaps building a new house or wanting to build up his business which has possibly failed hence what I have seen previously.

OR he could be connected to a business as seen previously but he lacks business sense and is very money oriented.

I am sure that I could have some these indications wrong but somewhere in there is the story of what has occurred here or where this child is.

If we go back to the four again of pentacles - someone is grabbing and holding on to material matters for MONEY.So it makes you wonder if it was planned in advance by someone that knew the family or by someone that lives in the same areas.

When I asked WHEN this girl will be found I got the seven of Swords reversed which indicates a lot of deception and sneaky motives. That card IF it had come out of the pack UPRIGHT actually shows two people watching someone walk away with something standing near a camp which somehow seems to have a 'military' flavour in the card.

But that card is reversed when I picked it out. That shows someone 'returning something' AND offering some kind of apology. It is sometimes thought of as an unworthy lover'....therefore it could connect to someone estranged from the family or it could just be saying that they are sorry they took this girl.

When that card is reversed there is an apology coming from somewhere.

So if we go through the Swords pack and consider that the Seven is reversed.

We have the Ace which is invoked taking of this child and the person is the master of their own destiny for doing it.
Then we have the two which shows a situation where 'the blind cant see' therefore they would,nt suspect the person
Then we have the three of swords which shows that there is sorrow and seperation from someone
Then we have the four which shows some kind of with holding of someone - as they are out of circulation (CEDRIKA)
Then we have the five which shows this person wanted to hurt two people so they could walk off with the trophy (CEDRIKA)
Then we have the six which shows escaping to safety with a child but then knowing they are walking into very bad trouble by doing it
Then we have the SEVEN which I have shown.

The next is the 8 which releases them from prison (CEDRIKA FOUND)
The nine which shows worries and nightmares and concern
The 10 which is a very bad card showing illness and worse
The Page which shows a Rival/Spy/Military person/Hill and Railway
The Queen is a person on their own Widow possibly and loss of their partner ( one person might have died before another)
The King which is absolute authority doctor lawyer etc.

There we can see that the girl Cedrika will be found it could be within the events AFTER the Seven of Swords.
But I think this girl is thought to be found within seven months but I dont know whether it is 7 months from now or within 7 months from now.

I have tried to be as thorough as I can here and I know as I have said several times THIS MAY NOT BE 100 PER CENT ACCURATE - but it could pull out some significant movements, people, situations and hopefully places that might resonate somewhere or somehow about the course of events. Past present and future.

One more thing, the Knight of Pentacles goes across open ground, it may suggest a building that used to be a business out in the open fields backing onto a town that you can walk/hike/cycle to - it may be a place that is not used anymore. Someone could be connected there.

Everything can relate one way or the other for positive or negative reasons.

I do not seek criminals on my blog as I feel this is not my port of call and I prefer to leave this to true investigators.

I do have someone who appeared in the cards without me asking however and its this person in the card above.

They had a meeting of minds with someone else and it is a card of OPPORTUNITY.

They had the opportunity to take Cedrika and they did.

This person from where they stand can look out over the water so they must be up high.

The person looks to his side and can look at you therefore if he has collaborated with others he would be someone involved in looking for Cedrika as this is a person who shows he wants to HELP because this card symbolises JOINED FORCES - He must be known or at least vaguely recognised. He also has a home or somewhere he can stay within the vicinity of the same town.

These people can have red/orange colours in their hair but not necessarily so it can just be describing their nature as action people.

They might wear red or be associated with the word RED.

We do have an area called RED MILL on the map, whether this just throws in confusion or not I have no idea or whether that area was searched and this person helped I dont know.

Please do not hold great hope in names of places as I can be mistaken with this and doubt myself on names from tarot.

I see three poles or something to do with three bars associated with him as in upright poles. Was this man released from Prison or from a situation that he felt hemmed in ? I dont know - but I do my best to translate.

He knew he took a risk and he is waiting to see what will happen.

This card is connected to the Sun in Aries - Aries is someone who is an action go getter person - but the Sun is a problem because the Sun always seems to point to someone connected to the family.

He is definately connected to the word RED.

Ships can appear on this card - he might have been ex forces or knows someone to do with military, navy, or soldier. Something like that -

I noted that a bishop and priest appeared in the cards and I dont know what it is but its like hes connected to those kind of thoughts as well which is a bit strange but Im just mentioning this unless thats also to do with a place rather than a feeling.

This person might be connected to the past who lost a lawsuit.
They might have a bad leg or they might have something wrong with them due to illhealth.

There is a red cross on this card so in the past could have been connected to a hospital or rehabilitation center.

That is what tarot has given it may also not be 100 per cent accurate and in tarot cards MEN CAN BE WOMEN AND WOMEN CAN BE MEN. Please bear that in mind.

Just to say that the four of wands that comes up following the three can be a business that is also a home. It is very hard to decide what kind of business. Some people say wedding business because there are garlands on the picture. Some say hotels because you can have weddings in the gardens and some say it can be a photographer who takes the pictures. They are all just the ramblings of the four of wands, but there might be some Gates at the front of a building?

Remember we have a person here and not a PLACE but we have talked about FLOWERS and this person might be connected to a place with FLOWERS which I have seen before.


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Ce serait vraiment bien si quelqu'un pourrait traduire svp...

Je l'ai fais avec le traducteur sur google.. ce n'est pas fameux.
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MessageSujet: Re: Tarot pour Cédrika   Mer 16 Déc 2015 - 15:18

Peut-être avec Traducteur Bing
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MessageSujet: Re: Tarot pour Cédrika   

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Tarot pour Cédrika
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